Somewhere along the line...

After writing your manuscript and surviving the editing process, you need to get your book printed. We’re happy to think you are considering independent (with a little help) publishing—an excellent choice!

Want a print book? eBook? Audiobook? All of them? Write Way can handle that for you. Your readers have a preferred reading format just as you do so give them the format they prefer! We’ll help you put technology to work to increase the visibility of your book and make your readers happy.

Book Cover

Your book cover (front and back) is hugely important. We can provide you with multiple designs to choose from, created just for your book. Color, glossy or matte, wrap to back or not, your cover will represent your book well. And if you need interior color for your book, we can do it, from spot to full-color pages.

Inventory and Shipping

If you're worried about boxes of books and Post Office runs, put those concerns aside. Write Way uses print-on-demand technology so no need to invest in book inventory—order what you need when you need it, one book drop shipped wherever you want (shipping fee) which is handy for launch parties, book signings, readings, speaking engagements, workshops, and keynotes. The only books you ship are books you sell directly!

Author Pricing

Oh yes, as the author you have a special author price when you buy your own books, one book or a thousand. (reasonable shipping fee applies).

More Benefits:
  • We have you covered on those "front of the book pages" – what to add and where
  • Make changes to your book any time – usually for no charge*
  • Reader-friendly fonts and attractive page layout choices will be customized for your book

* Major re-writes & 2nd edition revisions will incur an admin fee

Keep 100% ownership of your book, 100% of your royalties, 100% of your book sales income – it’s all yours!

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