A common author misconception is that once an author becomes published, that author automatically will sell a lot of books, and maybe even become…yes, a Best Seller! In fact, developing an effective strategy to promote and market a book can require as much work as writing the book!

Don’t know KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) from your ABCs? Or .mobi from .epub? (Think Kindle and Nook) Never mind – Write Way knows!

Publicizing Your Book

Wondering how soon to start publicizing your book? If you didn’t start at least yesterday, then the answer is today!

Is your head buzzing with 101 things you’ve heard you need to do to get book sales? Write Way will help you customize a plan that suits your own goals – and it won’t be doing 101 things! From contests to free book days, book trailers to social media, from using power listings to press releases, we’ll help you build a plan to get your book discovered.

Write Way Will Help You...

  • Get your book noticed more quickly — even before it's on the market
  • Create your social media accounts, author website, and author’s blog
  • Work to get your book on top retailer and book promotion platforms, including Amazon and other global book retailers, GoodReads, and powerful book aggregators with literally millions of book reader subscribers
  • Develop creative ideas for book promotions
  • Create custom media packets for your book

Get Your Book Published

Keep 100% ownership of your book, 100% of your royalties, 100% of your book sales income – it’s all yours!

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