Write Way's Instant Author™ Group Book Series

Write one chapter and become a published author!

Achieve Your Publishing Dream

You can achieve your publishing dream within weeks by being a contributing author for one of our group books. Not only will you become a published author, you’ll benefit by achieving “author credibility” status and you’ll have a tangible book product to sell. Of course, the exposure and marketing from other contributing authors extends the reach of YOUR chapter which is another wonderful part of being in a group book. You never know where your book will travel or who might be reading your chapter!

Benefits of Instant Author™ Group Book Series

  • Fulfillment! You’ll become a published author fast!
  • Save time! Become a published author by writing just one chapter!
  • Save $$! Copyproofing, formatting, and cover design are complimentary!
  • Make $$! You’ll have an actual product to sell!
  • Exposure! Your fellow contributing authors will promote you!
  • Credibility! Being published raises your expert status!
Print book, ebook, and audiobook formats will be offered!

Here’s how to become part of the Instant Author™ Group Book Process

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