Launches Are NOT the Be All End All

Creating an Audiobook Part III: Tips from audiobook authors
January 15, 2020

Launches Are NOT the Be All End All

Book Launches—they create excitement. They seem to be the top of the mountain! All your hard work has brought you to that destination. A milestone for sure. An achievement most certainly!

Seems a little unfair to ask you what’s next, but that is the question. Here’s the thing. Launches are exciting, and a few months ago, they were fun with live events and book signings, but there has to be . . . more. Soft launch, hard launch, or both, they are finite and your book needs ongoing attention. <sigh> Yes, maybe you want to call it marketing. Or just “working your book” instead of working “on” your book.

So what’s next? Helping readers find your book! Here are some ideas:

Ask us to run a KDP Select promotion for you on Allow free downloads of your book for a couple of days to generate reader interest. Readers love a good free book! Or do a Countdown deal. Don’t know what that is? Ask us!

Request us to enroll your book for a deal of the day with a targeted audience for your book genre.

Double up and do a KDP promo and a daily deal!

Share something interesting from your book or about your book in a social media post or a blog post. Something about a character in the book or a location. Create curiosity to know more! Link to a little something extra or the latest news that relates to your non-fiction book.

Place enhanced images of your book cover on your website, in your email signature, on Social Media. Make them easily shareable!

Build your email list!!! (Not your contact list) Stay in occasional touch with people on the list, even if it’s just 5 folks and growing!

You may have barely caught your breath from getting the first book or most recent book written, but start your next book. You’ll be “the author of . . .” on the second book!

Follow a few “comp” authors (authors whose books are similar to yours) and see what they are doing with their book. (Click the +Follow button under the book cover on the book’s Amazon book page, click on their blue link name and visit their Author Central page.)

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