How to Leverage eBooks for Sales and Marketing

January 25, 2019
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April 5, 2019

How to Leverage eBooks for Sales and Marketing

Whether you are an eBook reader or not, know there are NUMEROUS ways to leverage one!

This short video will give you tips and ideas on how to leverage your current (or future) eBook.

It’s OK if you’re not an eBook reader, but just know that now you’re in the minority. It’s not about your preference; it’ about your potential reader’s preference.

The majority of readers (i.e. future purchasers!) prefer eBook and audiobooks over print versions now.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform provides numerous promotion opportunities such as Kindle Countdown Days and Kindle Promotion Days.

Kindle Countdown allows you to offer a special introductory price that leads up to the normal price. The longer anyone waits to purchase your book, the more they will pay. You simply tell KDP when to start offering your book at a specific price and how long you want it to last until full retail price.

KDP also provides Kindle Promotion Days which allow you to offer your book for FREE on designated days you select. Currently, you have five days every 3 three months where you can offer your book as a free download on any specific day.

I use my days with my speaking and I add in the FREE eBook offering on my tier #2 and tier #3 speaking contracts. I also offer my free download in my email newsletters which is an incentive for people to sign up.

So whether you go forward with Kindle Promo Days or Kindle Countdown days, just know that both these opportunities give you a reason to communicate with your market!

If you DON’T have an eBook, you need one! Contact us for an eBook conversion quote.

If you  DO have one, I’ve given you several ideas to help promote it.

Plus, when people visit your eBook page, they will also see your print book availability as well.

Hope these tips help!


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