Are you FRUSTRATED when writing? READ THIS!

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August 16, 2015
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March 1, 2017

Are you FRUSTRATED when writing? READ THIS!

Writing a book is one of the most challenging, labor-intensive, and demanding undertakings to pursue.

Authors struggle for a variety of reason and usually that comes from not having, or following, a system that works. Click here to download our “90 Day” system!

As a writer, you must expect to be frustrated at numerous times. That way, when it does happen you are not surprised.frustrated-woman-using-her-laptop-250-thumb-250x250

I have never met someone who didn’t experience frustrations during their book writing. This includes me. Every book I have ever written also included a moment, or days, where I felt frustrated and mentally exhausted before book completion. I was ready to be done before I actually was done.

Frustrations can occur anytime – during the initial outline generation phase, one chapter away from being done, through editing and re-editing, when writer’s block sets in, or even something as simple as getting stuck on a word.

Writing a book isn’t easy, so don’t expect it to be. During times of frustration you just need to take a break. Go for a walk, grab a drink, do some breathing exercises, re-read your previous chapter to get the flow back, look at your outline, or work on a different part of your manuscript.

You’ll become more frustrated by the simple fact you are frustrated if you don’t expect that feeling in advance!

Expect frustrations when writing. It’s part of the process and something you must simply deal with in order to break through it and be successful.

If writing were easy, there’d be a LOT more writers and authors out there.

If this helps, remind yourself that kites rise most high against the wind, oak trees grow toward contrary winds and we learn to walk after falling down hundreds of times. Don’t be so hard on yourself – you are writing a book and soon you’ll be a published author! Furthermore, it is impossible to write well if you are frustrated … all the more reason to keep your mind ‘write’ so that you can write well!

student_frustrated1So what can you anticipate frustrating you while writing and on your publishing journey?

If it’s time, then then remind yourself that you’ll be scheduling time (part 2).

If it’s focus and avoiding distractions, then remind yourself you’ll write only during your most optimum times each week (part 1).

If it’s knowing what to write about, then remind yourself that you’ll be following a general outline (see our blog, “How to Outline Your Book”)

If it’s accountability, then remind yourself that you’ll find someone to help hold you accountable for writing (part 2).

If it’s money, then remind yourself that it does not cost money to write. Before you can publish, you must have something to upload!

If it’s editing, then remind yourself that you have to have content to edit first! Your job is to write!

If it’s all the above,  then you really need to call us! Let us help coach you. Even the best athletes in the world have coaches.

Here at Write Way Publishing Company, we’d be honored to help you become an author. We’d love to hear more about your publishing goals and explore how to help. We have a variety of resources on our website as well writing services, an author coaching program, self-publishing packages and an Instant Author™ Group Book Series! Connect with us on social media to get the latest tips and resource links!

Are you ready or do you still have questions? If you do not have your book outline complete, that’s the next step. You must know where you’re going to go if you’re going to get there at all.


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