Our a la carte services are designed for those authors desiring support in just a few areas. Choose what you need and create your own customized package. Click on each item for more details.

Author Coaching and Consultations
Coaching calls are ideal for accountability and personalized support. Our clients have shared that author accountability is one of the most effective strategies to prevent procrastination and to ensure their book gets written. Write Way coaching calls help you stay project-focused and get the personalized guidance you need. Choose a 60 minute monthly call or opt for more accountability with weekly 60 minute calls!
$99 | $249 Mo.

Formatting, Layout, and Design
Need help with formatting, layout, and design of your book? Don't let a poorly formatted book be the reason why your readers put your book down! From chapter headings to font choice, from book size to page layout, color or black and white, Write Way will create a layout that is appropriate for your book genre and that is appealing to your readers. Pricing based on book length and complexity of style. Custom quotes available!
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Editorial Support and Review
Let Write Way help ensure your book is polished and represents your thoughts clearly and to best advantage. We’ll review your book for organization, flow, and consistency. We’ll sweep away typos and grammatical errors, and we’ll offer suggestions to polish word choice and sentence structure in two separate passes for your review.

Cover Design
Your cover is what people will notice first! And yes, people do judge a book by its cover—literally! You want your cover to grab immedate attention, identify your book genre, and compelled readers to choose your book! A poorly designed cover without question will hurt your book sales. Write Way can help you get a reader-enticing, customized cover for your book. Request a custom price quotes.
Starting at $299/design

Book Launch Services
Your book launch is one of the most effective promotion and marketing strategies you can employ. There are specific steps you need to take to launch your book properly and build buying momentum and attention for your book. Contact us to receive our Book Launch Overview and to request a customized book launch plan to suit your budget!
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Book Promotion and Marketing Consulting
Your book will not sell itself! A common myth is that once a book is printed, it will automatically sell without any further effort than posting it on Amazon.com. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Authors must implement a strategic and focused book promotion and marketing plan to sell books over the long term. Write Way will help you develop a customized plan to market your book to suit your time, preferences, and budget.

Digital Promotional Services
The question to ask yourself is, “How will people know about my book?” Regardless of your book type – print, eBook, or audiobook – we can help you create a book promotional plan to suit your time, preferences, and budget!
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Conversion to ebook
Having your book converted to an eBook should be a priority. Many readers prefer eBooks over print books. Make the most of your reader preferences and offer your book in multiple formats. Besides, you've already written the book – why not simply have it converted to eBook form? We can handle the conversion quickly and easily! Request a price quote based on length and layout of your book.
Starting at $99/eBook

Audiobook Conversion
The world’s largest book retailer – Amazon – recently purchased Audible.com, a great platform for hosting your audiobook. Busy people don't always have time to "read," but they can listen to your book while they're doing things like driving, jogging, or exercizing at the gym. You provide the mp3 files and Write Way will convert and post your book on Audible.com. Or, we can provide a narrator for your book if you prefer, and then post a narrated version of your book on Audible.com. Request a custom quote based on your preferences and the lengthof your book.

Inclusion in our Instant Author Group Book Series
Become a published author quickly, not by writing a whole book but by providing us with a ”chapter” of your work! Some send us a chapter from a book they are working on, others send us a summary of their book in one chapter, and others yet create something new. In any case, the Write Way group book series is ideal for anyone who wants to benefit from the exposure and marketing that result from being a published author. See our Instant Author Page for more details. Choose your preferred format/s: print and/or eBook.
$499 (one format) - $599 (both formats)

Social Media Consultation, Review and Setup
Utilizing social media is a good way to help your book get noticed! We have found, however, that most authors do not utilize social media to its full advantage – if at all! Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc. – where to start and which social media platforms should you choose? Don’t let technology intimidate you – Write Way can help! We will set up (2) Social Media platforms for you and create the (3) posts for each to use when/as you wish. Remember Social Media notice is social proof – and that’s very powerful. Whether you handle your social media campaign or you prefer an expert to do it for you, contact us for our Social Media Overview.
$199 | $299

Author Website Consultation, Review & Creation
Having an author website for your book is a MUST! At minimum, you need a landing page to provide great information about your book for prospective readers/fans. Even if you already have a website, you need to add specific pages for your book. We will provide a review and consultation for using your current website or we’ll provide you with an author website customized for you and your book/s. You don’t have to worry about web themes, structure, or spending lots of money. You provide the text about your book, your bio, photo, and book cover images and Write Way will do all the rest! (*plus for your separate website $240/annually or $25/month for hosting, site maintenance, and a bonus of 3 customized book promotions (sales, contests, give aways) annually to increase your book sales.
$199 | $699*

Blog Creation and Posting
A blog will help you connect with readers and generate interest and fans for your book! Whether you are in the process of writing your book or already have the book written, maintaining an active blog is one of the smartest, easiest, and most cost-effective strategies to market and promote your book. Write Way will create a blog platform for you and guide you through the steps of submitting blog posts to generate a list of followers for you. Or go a step further with us and we’ll even write 3 blog posts (customized based on your book, of course) for you to "drip" onto your blog to give you time to ramp up your own posts!
$199 | $399

Testimonials and Endorsements
Testimonials are strong social proof for your book. With the “Write Way” plan you’ll have tips, sample requests, and more to make getting helpful, engaging testimonials easy. If you prefer a done-for-you approach to the request for testimonials, Write Way will submit requests for you to gain up to 5 testimonials. Contact us for more details!
$149 | $399

Book Trailers
Have you considered a book trailer for your book? Without any doubt, video creates interest and engagement. Now you can have a trailer for your book! Lead people to your sales page, your website, or your social media platforms through your book trailer video! You can post the video on YouTube and on your author page, and even sprinkle it around your social media platforms! Google, the world’s most popular search engine, owns Youtube. Having a book trailer on YouTube is a powerful marketing strategy that will lead potential buyers right to you book sales page! Contact us for a sample book trailer and details!

Copyright and Library of Congress Registration
Do you want YOUR book in the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world? Do you need to file a registered copyright with the U.S. Copyright office to cover your intellectual property? We’ll file your copyright for you, submit your book to the Library of Congress, and send you all the documentation!

Online Author Radio Interviews
How would a featured online radio interview impact your book sales? Be a featured author in a Write Way online radio interview! You could even be interviewed while writing the book – start building anticipation and interest before your book is even published. The scripted interview would be for an online radio segment. Write Way will send you the interview link so you can then use it on all your marketing platforms – website, social media, blogs and more. This is a great way to get traction for your book and build your list of followers. We also can also post your radio interview for you. Contact us for details!